AmazonBasics 3-Inch x 30-Feet Tow Strap

AmazonBasics 3-Inch x 30-Feet Tow Strap

Is this strong enough to hull my ass out of bed?


10000 is barley enough to pull something heavier than a sedan. Am I wrong?

Yes, you are wrong.


Do you not Google?

A basic sedan only weighs about a ton and a half.

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My 2500HD is only a little over 6,000 lbs.

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Has anyone had any experience with these?

Pick a color and then you can see the reviews.

Looks to be a heavy duty strap and the absence of the metal hooks from my experience is a good idea.


You aren’t picking the vehicle up.
This for towing or pulling a vehicle from a sticky situation.
It’s plenty good, I’ve used straps like this & they work great. Just enough stretch so you don’t rip a part off of your vehicle.


$41.27 on Amazon, not $50 something.

It seems a carabinier or screw coupler would be good to include in the kit since there’s no hook on the towed car.
Could loop it through the eyelet if you want to go pulling 30 feet of strap, and have a hook on the tow vehicle.

Attaches to trailer hitch with non-damaging, reinforced loops

Yeah, that’s a BAD thing to say. Connecting it to the actual receiver that’s bolted to the vehicle is an option, but people will think they can just loop this over the hitch ball, which is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve pulled a few cars out of sand or mud with this exact type of strap. I loop it over my hitch. Works perfect.

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In general that is incredibly dangerous. Not only due to risk of the strap popping off the ball but most people (not all but most) aren’t using balls, ball mounts, or even hitch pins rated to as high a rating as these straps. Such a setup is only as good as the lowest rated item and unless you have a heavy duty setup across the board something else will fail before the strap turning that ‘something else’ (usually your ball if not more) into a fast flying projectile.

I never get tired of typing this.

That’s the list price (aka MSRP), not Amazon’s price.

How many pounds of force do you suppose it would take to shear off a 2 inch hitch ball at the threads where the force would be concentrated?

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If I have so much traction with my tires to rip my hitch ball (or something ‘more’) while pulling someone out from getting stuck, I’ll have to give my tires an 11-star rating!

I’m thinking you haven’t used many tow straps.

A strap like this is meant for more than just a gentle pull, for proper off-road recovery when you are really stuck, you are supposed to have a couple of feet of slack in the strap and get a running start with the recovering vehicle. This puts tremendous stress on whatever the strap is attached to.

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I always have and still do own/drive off road with 4x4’s, bikes & quads.
Never ‘got a running start’ to pull someone out.
When they are really stuck I get a shovel out or whatever it takes.
I guess we do this stuff differently.
Happy 4-wheeling! I love it!!
Remember: if you pack it in… pack it back out…