AmazonBasics 36pk AAA Alkaline Batteries

AmazonBasics 36pk AAA Alkaline Batteries

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So. Many. Batteries. I’m guessing the story is over for the night with the coffee thingy coming up next… whew!

I bought some so maybe they can just move on and post something good…

How do you know what’s coming up!?!

At the bottom of the screen, there’s a box and you tap it really fast to see what’s next.

I think you have to have the app. I dont think it shows if your on a computer or a laptop.

Christmas = soo many toys need batteries.


Does that mean there’s another #wootafterdark sale coming up?

Many of us are hoping so.

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We need some AAs!

Aw man! Who broke it this time?

It’s out of batteries. :frowning:

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Hamsters are tired…

Good thing the coffee is there to perk them up!