AmazonBasics 36W 2-Port USB-C Wall Charger With Power Delivery

AmazonBasics 36W 2-Port USB-C Wall Charger With Power Delivery


Me again.

This is cheaper than on Amazon, but I still don’t -need- it. I’m guessing that as high wattage usb-c chargers become more and more ubiquitous prices will continue to drop, so there’s no need for me to get one now, as something similar/better will likely be cheaper in the future.

This Amazon 68W Two-Port USB-C is obviously more, but has the 50W port.

I’m thinking I’ll pass unless someone has a very compelling reason to get one.


Question: while looking for nice chargers on the output does one look at wattage or Amp? I really get confused between something which might state 2 or 3 amp but wattage may be 18 watt only. Can you elaborate? Thanks

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watts is volts times amps. The typical USB charger is 5 volts so a 2-amp port would be 10 watts. Many chargers have an option to switch to 9 volts if the phone can accept it, so a 2-amp port running at 9 volts would be 18 watts. There also might be a limit on the total number of watts you can draw, so any one port might supply 27 watts, but the entire unit can’t supply over 40 watts (not referring to any particular unit here, just an example.)