AmazonBasics Alexa-Enabled 700W Microwave

AmazonBasics Alexa-Enabled 700W Microwave

Alexa, microwave for 10 hours.


Why do they still make 700 watt microwaves anymore? All they do is burn the outside of food while the center is still frozen/cold.

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In to whine about only 700 Watts, beaten by two people because the mobile app and desktop site both suck.

At a guess, they still make them for college students, whose dprms limit the power they can draw. My college nixed TVs on the grounds that they drew too much power, and counter-top fridges had to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

I understand that college WiFi also doesn’t generally allow Alexa so I’m not sure this is worth it.

Alexa is a wifi hog

I had an Alexa Microwave and hated it! I’d say, “Alexa microwave bag of popcorn,” and every time, without fail, she would leave the plastic wrap on the bag. “Alexa, microwave leftovers,” and she’d put the styrofoam container in microve and it would melt. It’s a good thing I had a fire extinguisher handy when I told her to microwave Campbell’s clam chowder. I would not recommend anyone to ask her to make anything that comes wrapped in foil or in a metal container such as a can. I was lucky I was in the other room when she exploded. RIP Alexa Microwave.


I have one of these. They’re fine.

Do you use the alexa option though?

Honestly no. I bought it to melt oil in for making soap. It’s a good little microwave. My favorite part is as soon as you plug it in it sets the time. It must pick it up from the wifi or have an atomic clock. If my kitchen microwave ever goes bad I’ll switch it with the Alexa one. It’s the best new microwave you can buy at that price point.

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