AmazonBasics Alexa-Enabled 700W Microwave

AmazonBasics Alexa-Enabled 700W Microwave

I have no interest in a microwave that spies on me and reports on my eating habits.

Can I use this without the help of Alexa? I’m pretty smart myself…

Yep, it has buttons.

If that’s true mine probably thinks I sure am weird. I only use it to melt oil.

So if I’m there to open the oven and place my food, why exactly do I need (to ask) Alexa to start warming it?

Alexa is dumber than dirt. I wouldn’t trust her to boil water, let alone operate a microwave.

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Just got mine, no glass rotating tray was included…useless!! Can’t seem to get anyone from Woot to tell me how to return it …

Hi there. I’m so sorry for the missing tray. I see that you emailed Woot! customer service about 15 minutes ago. It takes a bit longer than that for them to answer. They’ll help you with the return.

Be sure you look in your spam/junk folders if you don’t see a response by tomorrow.