AmazonBasics Alkaline Batteries (Your Choice)

AmazonBasics Alkaline Batteries (Your Choice)

36 AmazonBasic AAA = 9.49 (9.99 list price with 50c discount), not 16.94. Still a deal, but not as much. Good batteries, I buy these a lot for the various things I need them for.

The D and C batteries (What still uses those? :stuck_out_tongue: ) are the correct list prices.

That’s for a subscribe & save. If you select one-time purchase, you’ll see this:


I wonder who actually makes these - Amazon doesn’t have its own battery factories. I’m wondering about the assembly quality - do they leak?

I’ve had nothing but BAD luck with Amazon batteries. They drain faster than any other battery I’ve purchased. Sure, they’re inexpensive, but you’d be better served getting something else.

I bought the Amazon 9v batteries in the past & still have a few left. They work as good as any of the name brand batteries I’ve bought before, at least in the smoke detectors I’ve used them in. I really don’t have a need for that many AAA batteries or any C/D batteries right now or I would pick them up. If AA would be on here I would have jumped on them.

The C and D batteries are great for MagLite flashlights. And when you have one of the old 3D models from back in the day, you’ve got a hell of an ugly stick.

Yup. my mistake.

@tedkoppel, I’ve used the AAA and AA Amazon batteries for some years now, and never had any of them leak. They seem to last about the same as anything else to me. I use the AAAs in remotes and they last for 6-8 months in a Bluetooth PS3 remote with reasonably heavy usage, and the AAs in stuff like wireless keyboards and desk toys.