AmazonBasics Double Grip Type Medicine Ball

AmazonBasics Double Grip Type Medicine Ball

I got the 18# one off woot a few weeks back and it’s great - good grippy rubber and a good price for a medicine ball that bounces.


So it’s an Amazon basic medicine ball so I assume for rrp you’d see that the Amazon price. Hmm funny woot states rrp is $41.88 but Amazon thinks it’s rrp is $35.39. sorta dampens the deal.

List price = MSRP

It’s not Amazon’s price.

Do I understand correctly that the biggest difference between these and the ones now on Amazon is aesthetic?

I bought the 18 lb. ball a few weeks back when it was on woot. There is a reason it’s priced so cheap. It sucks!
It is harder than a rock.

I just received my 14lb medicine ball and wanted to ask if the split on the one side was normal? I don’t know if it needs more air or something else. Just asking before I contact CS and didn’t need to. Thanks in advance.