AmazonBasics Foldable Jaw Clamp Scooper, 36" H

About $10 on Amazon, on prime. Not a deal.

Think of it as an “add-on” to your cart.

great for picking up poop.

U got to know ur shit

When I was in high school someone left a doozie in the upstairs terlit in the science dept. We code named it the ‘giant super dump’ or GSD. The janitor told us he had to use a shovel to clean it out. He sure would have appreciated this device. The GSD investigative team even had a president and VP. We created a website and suspect list and printed it in the school paper. The accused were not amused. Good times, long live the GSD! -VP

Be aware that this thing is HUGE! There is no way that a ‘poop bag’ will fit over the jaws for that clean scoop feeling. A plastic grocery bag, maybe. But those are now hard to come by in CA.

And walking your dog with one of these will make everyone think your dog has a serious problem.