AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

That’s all folks.

Woot off over?

Something broke.

I think we broke it.

And it’s jump started again.

Oops, sorry.


oh noes.

What the…

Woot Stalker showing 10 USB sticks and a continuing woot-off…

Woot showing the amazon Laptop sleeve…

What’s going on over there Woot???

We keep seeing this beautifully colored but unexciting sleeve! Twice on the Woot-off, and regularly on the deals. Done wit’ that!

Do not want!!!

I got some of these, and they’re very nice for the price! First of all, the blue ones are pleasantly a bit darker than shown in the photos. Second, they’re simple neoprene sleeves so they offer some reasonable padding although they’re not going to protect a laptop from a high drop onto a hard surface. These sleeves would be ideal for some added protection to a laptop that’s then placed into a backpack or some other bag.

Will this hold a 13" MacBook Air?

Yes it will


Will this fit 13 inch MacBook Pro? (2018 version)

This looks like either a clone or a rebranding of a now-discontinued Monoprice sleeve. My old Monoprice sleeve has seen better days. As someone who’s still rocking a tricked out 2012 Macbook Pro, I’m in for two!