AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve

Any idea if this will fit a 13.5" microsoft surface book?

No I can’t get it zipped around my 13” Mac air. Not worth the trouble returning for the $5 I paid. So I’m stuck putting my 9” tablet in it.

That only works at the other place.

It should easily. My 13" MacBook Pro swims in this case. I think you could get a 14" laptop in it.

easily. my 2016 MacBook Pro swims in this case.

I’ve got a 10" convertible I want to put in it, but I’m afraid it would be swimming too.

Is this water proof?

I tested it myself and despite the previous comments about swimming, this sleeve is definitely not waterproof. At least I finally found a use for my surface RT tablet.

Using a $5 off code, getting this for free with free Prime shipping. Thanks Woot!

Where did you find that code? Thanks! All I find is $5 Cash Back for Online Purchases of $140 Sitewide…

Can’t get it zipped around the corners of 13” Mac air.

That customer is probably referencing a coupon code they received from the CS team. They are generally given when a customer has a poor experience and it warrants a coupon or we’re running a promotion. They tend to be one-time use coupons for the customer they were given to.

Actually this was from ThunderThighs during a wootoff Happy Hour chat session a few months back. No disatisfaction involved! Woot is good to it’s customers.

Mine came in today. Using it for an iPad Pro 12.9" screen with non apple blutooth keyboard attached. It fits perfectly!