AmazonBasics Ratchet Tie Down Straps

AmazonBasics Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Not a hauler, so would likely use for things like camping gear and helping friends move their garbage errmm… furniture. Assuming these would be fine instead of the 1800lbs straps but could anyone confirm?

Anyone know how AmazonBasics compare to branded products? (for these Augo on sale right now on Amazon for $23 or Mann for $18)

Not a good deal @ all!
Home depot has the husky which is way better brand with the same specs for way less money :moneybag:


Compared to Amazon’s regular pricing, it’s a good deal. But that’s about it. Home Depot has a 4-pack with similar specs for $10-15 day in day out.
Just a reminder that not every deal is a deal worth investing in.


Per the product page: Workload of 607 pounds; breaking strength 1823+ pounds

For most, these will do an adequate job without a problem. But it’s worth noting that the Woot price is a bit higher than the average price at most your local hardware and big box stores for a 4-pack.

Glad I checked the comments! I’ve been meaning to get a set of these for camping, but I’m “not a truck guy” (my wife’s words) so I don’t have my own tie downs – had to borrow a buddy’s to get my hammock strung between some extra wide trees. $10 for the Husky set at Home Depot (, though it looks like the Amazon set does have an extra 100-pound workload per strap (not a concern for me).