AmazonBasics Sliding Barn Door Hardware

AmazonBasics Sliding Barn Door Hardware

i need these sliding barn door hardware kits for the 11 barn doors I have lying around. Why did you limit it to only 10, Woot? I get barn door hardware kits are hot commodity what with the international barn door shortage and the Emmy award-winning feature motion picture, Sliding Barn Door, but I really need that 11th barn door to be a slidin’. I’m going to be stuck with 10 amazing sliding barn doors (now who will never amount to anything, Steve!) and 1 stupid barn door. I’m going to name that one Woot.




How do we get the corresponding barn door software?

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How would I know which size to order? I want to convert a standard closet door (30"×80", solid wood) to a barn door style door to save space in our bedroom. It looks like the 6.5 foot kit can hang a standard sized door, but I’m not certain.

Google to the rescue:

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Thanks Thunder! Looks like the track length should be double the size of the door opening, plus 4-6" inches (for overlap). I appreciate the quick response!

Keep in mind that you want the door to overlap the edge a bit. An existing door that fits into the frame won’t do that if you’re gonna use a single door.

Do these weather well?
Or are they only for making a fake barn door inside a house?

I don’t want the door of my barn to rust.

I heard these are unhinged. I watched a tier list for this on the youtube and I do not think I’ll be buying it.

Can you use this barn door kit outside or will the finish not hold up?

Did anyone else order this and get a delivery attempt note left by the mailman saying the package didn’t fit in their mail truck. I ordered the 8ft kit. Apparently the shipping partner got it all the way to my local post office but USPS can’t deliver it. Guess I have to go after work to pick it up at the post office in my VW Passat… Hope it fits lol.

That is really odd that Amazon chose to use USPS for this shipment. But the post office picked it up from them with no complaints.

Sorry for the hassle though.

Amazon shipped me a Kohler sink via USPS. It fit in the truck but our poor mail lady couldn’t get it out without my help (heavy, awkward, etc). We were both baffled at AMZ’s thought process on that one.