AmazonBasics Slim Travel Backpack

AmazonBasics Slim Travel Backpack

I’m trying to click the purple/pink one but it keeps going to blue. Is that color available?

The only option which is available is blue.

Otherwise you’d have been able to choose a color from a drop-down menu.

From the staff picks page it shows multiple colors but when clicking the purple/pink one from $26 it selected this blue one instead


I was going off of the specs and title.

@thunderthighs - ?

Hi there. We’re working on it. We sometimes have issues with products have the same title.

Should be fixed in a couple minutes and then you’ll be able to click on the pinkish one to purchase it.

UPDATE: Confirmed that the link is working correctly now.

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Check Amazon 1st. Some colors are cheaper there. The blue backpack is $13.10, for example.

AmazonBasics Slim Carry On Travel Backpack

That’s the overnight. Ours is the weekender which is $74.99 on Amazon.

I did see that. I purchased the blue overnight from there as well but the weekender bags here were less expensive