AmazonBasics USB A Cable w/ Lightning Connector

AmazonBasics USB A Cable w/ Lightning Connector

If you don’t mind red, you can get a pair of 3 ft cables for $10.41 at Amazon.

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Nice deal!

The 6ft cables are cheaper on Amazon as well. You’d pay more than normal by buying it on Woot:

A bit disappointed in Woot on this!

You must have been watching them. Amazon literally lowered the price this morning on these. We’ve had them listed since 6/1/2020.


I just clicked the link the other guy posted… it just happened to be today.

And the price here (22.99) is still more than the non-sale price Amazon lists (22.37) so even not on sale it would be more. Woot (an Amazon company) is supposed to be deals. But it’s cheaper on Amazon MSRP and even more on sale. Doesn’t make sense…

When we posted the sale, I believe we were cheaper than Amazon on the colors we carried. Amazon changes prices ALL the time.

Got it. Now I understand, thanks.

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