AmazonCommercial Vinyl Electrical Tape

AmazonCommercial Vinyl Electrical Tape

that last picture guarantees a short

Maybe it was arranged by the same folks who photographed this:

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It’s not near anything else yet.

What a gem. There is no better way to hold a soldering iron :rofl:

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Goggles on. Safety first!

Well it is an easy way to get some 2nd or 3rd degree burns on their hands, right?

(Many decades back, I took woodshop in middle school. The band saw became off limits because of the number of kids who got their fingers cut … or cut off.)

Hopefully they’re just doing a craft project with that zip cord.

That’s definitely one way to do it.

But that sounds about right when you give kids power tools lol. I remember back in school they had welding class and there were a few kids who swore they didn’t need any eye protection or helmet. Wonder what those guys ended up doing :rofl:

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We had work tables with holes in them to anchor different tools - the teacher had to constantly remind kids not to stick their fingers in them bc they would get stuck and a few were lost over the years.

Also, back in the day (before my time), they would have indoor archery as part of gym - the arrows with the nice sharp metal tips - lots of them were stuck in the gym ceiling.

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doesn’t need to be - will pop as soon as it’s plugged in


Yeah sorry. I couldn’t tell what kind of wire it was at first. The cord keeps them separated for a reason!

Maybe they did the same thing to the other end of the wire. Cut off the plug and then twisted the two wires together to create a single wire…

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What hot hands!

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