AmazonCommercial Wireless ANC Headphones

AmazonCommercial Wireless ANC Headphones

people saying it’s a rebadged adapt 360 from epos sennheiser, ill say the bag that comes with it looks exactly like a sennheiser bag. And they look exactly like it, as well as the description of the item talking about crystal-clear calls xD uses micro usb but not worried about how it charges as long as it performs.

Got my pair today, they are USB-C charging. Absolute steal at this price brand new. Same exact voice as Sennheiser when powering on. Louder and better than my old 350BTs, and the fit can be tight if you don’t extend them out enough. But the audio quality is actually really good on these, I don’t see anything coming close to beating them at $30. Since they have ANC, I have to agree they are rebranded adapt 360s, since the 350BT doesn’t haven’t ANC. Or rather Amazon paid for basically identical specs

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Gotta love Amazon, these are now listed at $31 with a 20% off coupon. -_-

Limited-time deal: AmazonCommercial Wireless Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Commuter Headphones

Also the user guide shows you how to everything except put the device in pairing mode. It shows you how to power it on, but not how to put it in pairing mode . Holding the power button for 4s just turns it on and off .

Fit is too tight tho, so unless you’re buying this for a child it’s uncomfortable.

Wow, you found that fast. Looks like the price dropped in the last hour or so.

Ah yea I just went and looked to try and find the manual to get it into pairing mode. The QR code sent me there. My computer’s bluetooth isn’t finding them at all, but they show up on my phone. I unpaired them from my phone and powered them on, but haven’t heard it indicating it’s in pairing mode. I can get over the fit being a little tight, it’s actually preferred in some cases like exercising or… commuting, if I could get it into pairing mode and connect it to my pc : O

It says hold power button for 4s to enter pairing mode, but that just powers it on or off. So I’ll try and figure it out, seems to be the same on the Sennheiser version of it. Music sounds great on these and I’m not really tripping about the limited time discount and such

… And the winner is holding down the power button when powering on until the lights are flashing blue and red >.> Got them connected to my PC so crisis averted :joy: