Amcor 3.5-inch Touchscreen Portable GPS

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Amcor 3.5" Touchscreen Portable GPS
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Amcor 3900 3.5" Touchscreen Portable GPS

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Is this brand any good?

Can you upload geocache points into this one?

I bought two of these at Christmas for gifts. Everyone loves them…

Found some reviews on some review site I’ve never heard of, but you might find it useful anyways…

windows ce? lol

This thing looks ancient. Did they have roads when this came out?

Did you hear they are Combining Windows CE, ME and NT into new window CEMENT?

it says it has a buit in speaker, but does it give audible directions?

That looks like it came from 1982.

I got a nav.

…and why so many GPS offers of late?

Beaten paths…

Sold exclusively at Linens and Things - includes detailed product info (yes, it gives audible directions)

Other products by the same company -

Does anyone know how will this compare to my blackberry 8310 with TeleNav software? 320x240 seems too low to show any kind of detail on maps.

Have iPhone?? iPhone doesn’t have GPS.

I actually just perchased a new GPS for around 150… i guess it was too early. if i had an extra couple hundred id buy a few for friends but… its too bad im not loaded

I’m not dissin Woot or nothing but you can get it cheaper from Linens-n-Things for Christ’s sake

Give us a real GPS, some garmin or tomtom action…

Sound like the review was written by a non-native english speaker…the manufacturer?

From the review:

On your Amcor 3900 navigation GPS you can place your required units and you easily the places that you travel by. You are not required to pay any extra fees to avail GPS service on your Navigation system. There is the Bluetooth Technology for the GPS device that is offered on your compatible phones.

Hey, this is not as bad as the first navigation units. The first ones worked solely with an electronic compass and tapes. Tapes that had very simple, local main roads. Think vector graphics.