Amcrest 1080p Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Cam

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Amcrest 1080p Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Cam
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I’ve used something like this (not this model) for, of all things, to see if I closed the garage door. Go ahead and laugh, but there have been several times when I wondered if I closed the garage door, and spent 30 minutes driving back home to verify.

I own two of these cameras. They perform admirably!

You can set it up to being recording or taking photos based on movement detection and if you wish, then have the camera email you the photo it just took.

I find this solution preferable to their online service. For starters the online UI interferes with the camera’s UI such that, settings which are not available online will be erased from the camera to give preference to the more basic settings of the web interface. The connection was also unreliable and would more often than not, freeze and not allow a re-connection. I ditched the service and went with the email solution instead using my gmail credentials which was easy enough to set up.

You can use them as a baby-monitor because they’re great in the dark, and you can easily adjust sensitivity levels and zones. I got mine for a crazy low price over the x-mas shopping season, and my only regret is that I didn’t get a couple more.

The camera has more features than I can explain or cover here, and in fact, more than I know how to use. Still, the interface is easy enough to navigate and Amcrest seems to be doing a good job at releasing firmware updates (at least 3 or 4 in the last 2 months), which may or may not be a good thing depending on your viewpoint.

I really recommend this camera as a solid product with all of the bells and whistles you could hope for.

Get one of these instead, works great!!!

I watched the setup video on Amazon, and when they finally show captured video of their office with guys sticking their heads out of cubicles, as funny as that was, it in no way looked to be 30 frames per second video. It looked like the same quality all cheap cameras of this general design seem to have.


There’s no mention of protocols in the specs. Does it support HTTP encryption or does it send your username and password in clear, sniffable text? There are entire search engines dedicated to finding video from insecure webcams.

What about streaming formats? I can’t say “fool me once” because I’ve bought two different brands of video cameras that only allow access to still video unless you use a horrible, proprietary, Internet Explorer only plug-in. But you won’t fool me three times, I’m never buying another video camera without being 100% certain that the video stream can be accessed directly over HTTPS in a standard video format.

What about the pan and tilt? Can they be controlled over simple HTTPS/HTML without using a proprietary application?

Those ‘search engines’ dedicated to finding insecure webcams are dedicated to finding ones with no logins at all broadcasting openly on public forwarded ports or ones with default logins.

That’s a pretty major difference from someone actually gaining the login via a MitM attack and seeing the login details.

With that said, a fast searching around implies it does otherwise support TLS (https) as well as WPA2-AES/CCMP for the wireless.

As for whether it lets you provide your own certificate or it just makes an on-the-fly self-signed one I can’t find.

Can this be set to record to the SD card only when motion is detected or does it loop record continuously? Is it easy to turn motion detection on/off?

For $60.00 more you can purchase a garage door buddy (garagedoorbuddy) free app too!- that works with wifi. After you are 30 minutes away from home and view your cam on your phone only to see that you DID leave the garage door open, you can open the garage door buddy app to close the garage door-or open it if you wish! Works great! No driving home!

Not sure on this unit. I am using a bayit hd cam from woot a couple weeks ago. Around the same price and I can answer yes to all of your questions with that unit. Just ordered a second new one off ebay for 100.00 shipped. Still a great price for what you get. A class 10 64gb micro sd set me back 20.00 off ebay too. Good luck!

Google is your friend: the product page is here:
From the user manual, the browser interface supports IE, Firefox, and Safari; it does use some kind of plugin but it sounds like it’s not a proprietary one. More importantly, that product page also has a link to the CGI/API spec, so yes, it is accessible without a proprietary app and you don’t even have to reverse engineer the HTML.

Thank you for the link.

Oh, you do that too?!

I used to use a Foscam for the same thing! Now I’m considering putting one in the refrigerator so I can check to see if we have milk (and other things) while I’m at the store.

Is this for indoor use only?

I need one to make sure I remembered to flush.

Is this suitable for outdoor and/or damp locations?