Amcrest 1080p Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Cam

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Amcrest 1080p Wi-Fi IP Surveillance Cam
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I have the 720 of this camera and love it. Make sure to set the time or it will not record to the SD card. Night vision records in black and white. The play back does not have a rewind function. Their 4 gig cloud does not work. That’s all I can think of off hand.

By using must the camera be charging? OR it can power storage exactly?

If i speak trough my phone, will the one near the camera hear me?

Put one in a few months ago. Love it. It is like the engineers that designed it actually use it. You can hear and speak. Read the manual for more:

Can a dummy set this up. I buy things then can’t set them up.

Can this be used as a baby cam???

If your doing some shopping at Amazon, just buy it there. If you’re a prime member, it’s three dollars more…and get it in two days.

Umm? How about $8.61 more it’s $98.60 on Amazon. It does show I can get it same day for free with Amazon Prime.

OOPS-I was thinking it was $10 shipping here.

I have several Foscam wireless IP cameras and I’m pretty happy with them. It seems Foscam is selling these Amcrest ones now.
Do they work the same way as the Foscams? Mainly, will it work with 3rd party apps and software so I can view the feed over the network and use a 3rd party DVR software on a computer?

I’m not sure I understand the question. If you clarify this for me I’ll be happy to pass along the question to our vendor for comment.


On my FosCam cameras, they have a microphone and speaker built-in. When I speak through the app, the sound comes out the speaker on the camera so people near it could hear. (this is also how creepy hackers have talked to kids in the past when used as a baby monitor)
I think the question is does this model have the ability.

Since the specs say it has 2-way audio, I’m going to say the answer is yes.

The video makes it sound pretty easy, but I can’t say for sure… Maybe check out some Youtube tutorials about installing/using this product?

I think I read somewhere that this camera will not transmit video of infants. Weird, right???

Is this unit weather proof? Can it be used outside?

I just read the users manual and it sounds like it is not suggested as it must remain dry, cool, and not in any direct exposure to sunlight. Download and read the users manual above for more specific information.

I bought one of these in December and it’s really a great camera. Was easy to setup. You do need an SD card if you want to save clips on it and if you’re using it as a security camera you may want to look at their cloud service (it’s pretty cheap). Otherwise I think this is a great camera for keeping an eye on your place when you’re gone.

Worth noting that this isn’t that great of a deal. I got mine on Amazon for $89.99 (free Prime shipping). Price is a bit higher today on Amazon but it seems to fluctuate a bit.