Amcrest 720P 4CH Surveillance System

Will this screen work with other brands of cameras?

You’ll probably need to contact Amcrest with that question.

I’m assuming they are battery powered, but you know what they say about assuming. If they are battery powered any idea what type and how long they last between changes? Not going to be overly useful if I have to scale the side of the house every week to put in fresh batteries!

I found this in the Amcrest brochure on their site.

For what its worth, from Amazon…
What’s Included:1 x WCAM895 720P IP Camera1 x 7-Inch Monitor1 x 9V/800mA Power Adapter for the Camera1 x 5V/2A Power Adapter for Monitor1 x Antenna1 x Allen Key1 x Ethernet Cable User Manual1 Year Warranty When Purchased from Foscam.

The reviews indicate they come with power adapters with 20 foot cords.

Curious if I can use the camera on its own WITHOUT having their monitor via a third party app or downloadable program otherwise? Or does it require their monitor for setup and installation?

Per Woot Staff;

The Monitor is battery powered but can also be plugged in. The camera required 12V power.