Amcrest 960H 4CH Video Security Systems

Description only spoke to the bullit camera capabilities. Dome cameras are not remote pan/tilt capable, but Amcrest has some that are:

I have a LTS security DVR using a couple of 960H cameras plus a leftover 700tvl camera.
None of these are true HD but the 960h cameras are wide angle and do have much better resolution then my old setup with the narrow angle 700tvl cameras.
I don’t know if the 800tvl cameras are even better but if you don’t need true HD 720p 0r 1080p quality these should be OK for you.
If you really need HD quality you might want to wait for a true HD setup to make it on Woot.

How are the cameras powered?

The 60 foot cables they include have a BNC video feed connector and a 12 volt power plug that plugs into the wall wart and the camera. Mine had a 4 way adapter thing that plugged into the wall wart, one for the DVR the others for the camera power leads.
The cameras don’t usually draw a lot and everything should be included to hook everything up and make it work.
The ends need a 1/4 inch or so hole to feed through but the actual cables are pretty thin so for a quick hook up you can probably run them under the door or out a window if you don’t want holes in things.