Amcrest ProHD FHD Wi-Fi IP Security Cameras

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Amcrest ProHD FHD Wi-Fi IP Security Cameras
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Same price with free prime shipping on amazon.com (actually 2 dollars cheaper at 97.99 for the white version)

and if you don’t have prime its the same price at Newegg

Wi-Fi and Security shouldn’t go in the same sentence, let alone the same product. Wi-Fi deauthentication attacks are becoming push-button easy these days, and can knock a Wi-Fi camera off the network for as long as the attacker holds the button down.

If you’re serious about security, get a wired camera. They’re also easier to set up, just plug in and you’re done. These Wi-Fi cameras can be a pain to connect…

Not True, the model you listed is for non-wifi. This is the one on

I don’t have this camera but I do use amcrest wired security cameras and DVR and I’ve been very happy with them. Caught a neighbor hit and run my mailbox and helped provide footage of another more serious crime. Even the police and ATF agents who saw the footage were impressed and wanted more information about my camera system for their own homes.
In response to the person who said wi-fi can be jammed- I think the type of crime most of us are trying to prevent or prosecute is local kids or drug addicts committing minor property crime. I’m not concerned about a well planned Italian Job / Oceans 11 style heist at my home by tech savvy professionals, I’m worried about local heroin users stealing packages off my porch or breaking into my car.

I own two amcrest security cameras - not from woot or this exact product.

They are “fairly” reliable - but not enough so for me, so im likely headed to ring or some other cloud security camera provider -I have two doorbells with ring which are more reliable in every way but picture quality.

My issues with amcrest are as follows.

  1. To use the cams and the app - you essentially agree that an unknown chinese company (Shenzhen Foscam Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd) owns your data. Sure Im not involved in a drug cartel but if I have no choice but to assign away my privacy rights for home security I prefer the information stays domestic-

2)activation of their cameras on your network is doable but complex. However they make it exceptionally easy to reach their foriegn call center (which is in india or nearby)

When you call, the agent will ask you to grant them remote access to your personal computer - so they can reconfigure your network for their software.

When the agent is done setting you up, he/she will ask you if they can direct your browser to amazon so that you can log into your account toreview their service and the amcrest camera performance and product, while they still have remote access to your computer (I personally found the tactic shameless, and unnerving - and declined)

Perhaps and this is a guess it is the reason for the many glowing Amcrest reviews.

Again I have used the cameras because the price was right, I was uninformed upon my purchase and I am not running for politics or dealing drugs: No big secrets here - so I don’t really care aside from principle - but buyers should understand you essentially forgo what little American privacy rights you have left to a foreign entity for no beneficial purpose to you as a consumer.

And even if there was a benefit at what price would you grant amcrest your privacy rights and the ownership of your homes security recordings? $1,000,000?.. $100,000? $10,000?
… … $10
These are all personal choices - it just helps if people are informed enough to make them.

Well Put and spot on. Although I use mine for the comings and going of my kids and kids friends as well. On that matter along they know the camera(s) are on…never had a problem.

Stay away from Amcrest WiFi camears, they work for a couple of days and have to be rebooted every other day. That means unplug and enter in all the set up info each time. The Amcrest phone app service is also never working so you can’t monitor that way only through the cloud service they offer which costs extra every month and that is limited in what you can do to control the camera…very disappointed in my purchases of these cameras.

I tired the Amcrest wifi-ip cam and the software is garbage. I would make changes and they would not save. Finally returned it and got a Sharx. Works great! except for a smudge that developed over time. I’ve cleaned it, but can’t seem to get rid of it.

Link to the cam:

Exactly; well said.

so I did… Oddly enough I searched the name not the model number… I will leave my first post unedited to show my future stupidity

your smudge could be that you are developing the equivilant of burnt or stuck pixels. The cmos chip that detects the light to make the image like your retina, or lcd display can get burnt and stop being able to process video properly. The chips in those cameras were mostly tested to be placed in a moderately lit hallway or to be aimed at the ground, it has no protection when aimed at the sky and if its really unlucky those days where the sun is directly inline with your lenses it will burn it like ants under a magnifying glass. I have played with cheaper ones and overloaded them with laser pointers and such and notice that the images on the tested cameras never end up being as bright or crisp as the ones I didn’t aim the laser at

Ubiquiti and Grandstream make better stuff.