AMD Laptops

I just snagged this off of woot a couple of days ago. Although it didn’t have all of the plastic protection on it, the laptop looks like it’s never been used. It had a fresh OS install and it works wonderfully. It can handle all the Steam games I’ve thrown at it so far, and the R5 Radeon graphics is worth the extra $30 over the R3. Very pleased so far!

Also it arrived in ONE DAY. Not the normal 2 weeks woot shipment. Unfortunately it’s standard amazon packaging: Which means laptop box loosely packed in a really large box, and little actual packing material inside. Still, it arrived undamaged, and I’m quite thrilled :slight_smile:


I’m not quite sure these laptops are that great of a deal.

Example is the one currently still available on Woot.

The HP 15-G035WM model is actually available from Newegg @ Ebay and is the same price. Not only is it the exact same model, but you get the option for a 2-yr SquareTrade over the 1-yr on Woot for $20 more.

In addition, the Ebay cashback incentives right now might make the Ebay option a better value if you shop on Ebay frequently.