America Stories of War 36 DVD Collection


wasn;t this already a woot today and sold out earlier?

Ugh, not this again.

deja vu?


Deja Woot!

Haha ^^First^^

Sorry Woot, I only watch my documentaries in HD


this should slow things down

I bought this maybe two years ago and wasn’t very impressed, but you might like it.

this was the last item that made the servers crash…

its the cursed box of dvds!!!

I believe I saw this at around 130 EST yesterday or maybe its deja vu

is this a power woot-off? I can’t keep up…

Well, you guys’ll be happy; I got one for my dad for his berfday in January.

He loves this stuff!

The box is what sold em’

didn’t break woot
actually got it this time lol

Hopefully they do the same thing with BOC. Keep it coming back over and over

or not…