America Stories of War 36 DVD Collection

Leaping Lizards Boatloads of comments last time!

Do they still have more of these to sell? GEEEEEZ…

How do they still have these?

I know right? I’m pretty sure they have sold over 20,000 of these things.

Why did Woot stop reporting sales numbers?

Wow, the price on this thing keeps getting lower and lower and…

The lead developer explains why here.

These DVDs must reproduce. Woot continues to sell their offspring. They will be here for generations and generations to come on Woot.

Just bought a set…couldn’t pass it up, this time=:-)…yeah, I’ve seen it advertized here for sale before but started thinkin’, when the satelite goes out, there’ll be lots of good footage to watch with this WAR CD set. Plus, there’s a lot of footage here I haven’t seen before

Forgot to add…thanks WOOT!

This is the best price I have seen these thus far, naturally I am between paychecks.

I ordered these during the recent Woot Off and I would like to say that I am enjoying them thus far. I am a History major and a few fellow classmates came by while one of the DVD’s were in and they stayed for three disks. I would have to say they enjoyed them to stay so long. They leave quickly when Criminal Minds is on.
So if you haven’t got these yet now is your chance. If you have this set then you should buy some for Christmas gifts! Kids teachers, your accountant, nerdy people at work, or just about anybody will enjoy these.

P.S. They are not giving me a percentage of sales; I actually really like the set.

I bought two sets in a Woot-off earlier this year. One for me and one for a Marine friend.

I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

When I bought mine, they were around $18 each.

Great gift just when I needed one to give a friend who has gone ‘above and beyond’ lately…thanks! Love it!

Total sold for the day was the only number I cared about.

Isn’t it time for them to give away all of their leftovers as Bandoliers of Carrots and be done?

My nephew is soooo going to love these! He is obesssed with all the branches and war. Thanks for a great deal woot!

I’m pretty sure woot has a warehouse filled only with these. A warehouse like you saw at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark…