America Stories of War 36 DVD Collection

I received one of these in my last BOC and I don’t want it. Don’t want to contribute anymore to the destruction of this planet by tossing it in a landfill. If anyone in SW PA feels like they need this I will give it to you. Give. For free. To you. Please take it off my hands.

I’m a lover, not a fighter. But don’t get any ideas.

$0.55 per DVD? How can you go wrong?

I think the cool metal box is worth it alone!
…not to mention all the forgotten history we’re apparently doomed to repeat…

I love the well-known war movies of the 1940’s and 50’s, and many to the present day. This set is NOT that. We got a set of these as a gift from a fellow wooter and found them mind-numbingly boring. We almost threw away the disks but found someone to give them to who was a history buff.

Oh yeah! Kept the nice tin box, LOL!

I got this a while back and, to me, it was worth it just for Go for Broke and Gung Ho alone. I have yet to dabble into much else, but yet I’m satisfied with my purchase.

This is a great deal as a base of all of those bits&pieces that are scattered somewhere in my VCR file cabinet. No more ‘where do I have’ or ‘did I record that?’. Also great to play when you have history or old film buffs over for a few cold ones.

What age group are these appropriate for?

Bought this in 2009 for my father and he loved it! Great gift for dad for sure. Oh, I paid $24.95 back then so yeah, this is a great price.

I wonder if Woot is ever going to run out of these…


So since this is in sellout.woot does that mean we’ll never have to see this set again!? Although I have to admit, if it included Tora Tora Tora I’d be in for some gifting action.

Thanks! Would they be appropriate for students? If so, ages? Or, are they more for adults? Thanks again!

I would LOVE to purchase these in BLU-RAY!!!