America Stories of War - 36 DVDs

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America Stories of War - 36 DVDs
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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i bet there is a raccoon in that box isn’t there?

Geeked and Civil War buffed about this one!

Pfft, if I want stories of war I’ll just bring my uncle a bottle of tequila…

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$74 at Amazon tonight vs. $19.99 here:

4 stars

I bought this same set 3 years ago and still haven’t gone through the box. I haven’t been very good about watching them, but the movie I did see was neat and the first few documentaries taught me quite a bit of history.

Great price and great for war history junkies – I’d get it. It would also make a great Father’s Day gift, imo.

And once you’re done watching, 36 Frisbees or 36 plastic targets. Pull!

Like being on the battlefield

This was the first woot I ever saw that I wanted to buy! I have regretted not purchasing it since. In for one!

Like being on the battlefield

I bought this back a few years ago, two copies, one for my friend and one for myself.

Neither copy ever arrived. :expressionless:

See, I told ya the world has always been at war.

In for one. My dad’s birthday is coming up. He’ll be 92, was in the Marines in WWII, and was probably in some of the battles in those documentaries. Everyone say Happy Birthday to him, and I’ll pass it along.

For you entertainment dollar value this works out to about eleven and a half cents per viewing hour. Compared to some forms of entertainment that’s pretty cheap.

I’m in for one. I’d been wishing I had after it was up last time and I know my dad will enjoy it as a Father’s Day gift and for me to enjoy with him/borrow for an extended period of time.

Of course I had to burn my $20 coupon on the random shirts. Such a great collection too.

Why didn’t you contact They are always very helpful and gone ABCD* on all mistakes I’ve had (big and small)

*Above+Beoyond Call of Duty

Hubby’s birthday present - thanks woot!