America Stories of War - 36 DVDs

I’d prefer America: Stories of Bacon. That’d fill 36 DVDs AT LEAST.

i dont think that apple makes one of those yet

I’ll wait for the dollar blow out sale…

omfg i am so tired of seeing these

well… I bought my first xmas gift.

These have been in every woot off since 1939

[satire] My fellow red blooded 'Mericans, buy this and study it. The abandonment of bacon by Woot can only mean one thing: They have been taken over by the Sekret Mooslums! Take arms!!! [/satire]

As a military history buff I like this item and just purchased my first woot item.

AWESOME!!! thanks for the post

They sold some. So no more derogatory remarks about this and maybe they will sell this remainder

Ok so we have DVDs covering everything up to Vietnam… but what if my son asks me, “Daddy, what was Grenada?” What am I gonna tell him then? It was all about protecting their bacon from Fidel Castro’s slimy cigar-stained fingers?

Think of the Children!

the children of today will propably not even know what a dvd is

Never too early for a Father-in-law X-mas present!

You used to see these and the Maximo iMetal earbuds every woot off. Now that I need more of the iMetals, only this thing shows up.

Worst secret Santa ever.

at less than 50 cents a disk, these would be a good value as costers. Way cheeper than the Netflix Coaster that has been sitting on my coffee table for months as 8.99 a month!!!

worst quality dvds I have ever seen.

Perfect gift for my Military History obsessed father. Thanks, Woot!

Picked this up last woot-off.
It’s like having a nice big slice pre-reality TV/Aliens History Channel in a box.