American Builder 22 Piece Power Driver Set



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 American Builder 22 Piece Power Driver Set
condition: New

$1.99 + $5 shipping


Is it ironic that the name is “American Builder” when it is so clearly made in China?

The price is ok, but add in the $5 for shipping and this is WAY overpriced.


thinking this is a great item at a great price
getting for stocking stuffers


not bad… for 3 bux each… im down for 3


3 for me.


sweet stocking stuffer. in for 3.


For two bucks this would be a great stocking stuffer for those kids off to college next year for their first dorm room.


Is this what was used to build America? Is that why it’s all falling apart before our eyes?


Saw this at the dollar store and STILL didn’t buy it… oh wells. Im sure thousands will. GNight


in for 3


Just like those cheap harbor freight tools.
“Chicago Electric”, “U.S. General”, and “Pittsburgh Tools”.
All made in China.


in for 3, hope it works


total ripoff if you get one, incredible bargain if you get 3.

Got 3.


Well worth the price for a novice with small home repairs. I do not expect much, Yet still worth the price tag.


I am in for 3 as well. This will make a decent stocking stuffer, Quality probably is not stellar but for $2 WTH!!


Get 3 or waste money on shipping!


Sweet stocking stuffer? What the hell are you people thinking? This is a completely useless piece of crap that can’t turn a screw that’s not already loose enough to spin by hand! Yikes. Some of you morons will buy anything just because you think you’re getting a deal!


What does “precesion” mean? Is that a Latin word or something?


It’s probably worth the $2, but barely

woots own words.