American Dream

So cool you won’t mind wearing a black shirt in July heat ; )

I really do wish that the American Apparel choice moves to most, if not all, shirts. Because 'Merica!

Edit: Now that the appropriate sizing charts are posted, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. Different brands have differing sizing/cut.

Need this in White/Blue/Red… anything but black…

LOVE this! Wear it proud!

I’ll poke some people that look pokeworthy…

Birthday girl?

(It’s still Sunday on the west coast. Happy birthday, Ocho!)

Are these shirts pre-shrunk?

In for two, keep the AA shirts coming!

No matter what manufacturers say, all cotton shirts will shrink.

That said, AA shirts hold up in the wash way better than the standard Anvil offerings. See this post. Or this thread.

Hooray! An AA tank. I’ll be picking one of those up possibly.

Holy cow… I see this and I hear “Keep On Rockin’ in the Free World”:

Needs more Dusty Rhodes.

Bald and Beaky. You got my number.

'Murica! Fark yeah!

Thank youuuu! =^_^=

Would really like to order this shirt but have started getting a message stating this item can’t be shipped to a PO box. Have always been able to get shirts in the past though. Problem is our post office (rural town) doesn’t deliver to home addresses so kind of gotta go with that. Sent in a message to support a couple of days ago on another shirt I wanted but couldn’t get shipped and received a response that nothing had changed and they couldn’t be of any help other than suggesting entering my information again.

Hmm…I will ask about this tomorrow to see if there’s a reason we can’t ship to PO boxes for certain shipping options. I’ll update this post with the answer then!
edit yup it’s that we’re using something other than the us postal service for this sale in order to get it in time for the 4th. :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed that this shirt only had the ground shipping option, which perhaps the system thinks it’s FedEx/UPS doing the delivery and not USPS. Given the time sensitivity, it might just be the case.

Will your post office allow you to use their physical address and then the PO box on line 2 for the delivery? Or if you use your physical address, does USPS just hold it anyway?