American Idol Season 7 Thread...


Only a few audition shows have aired so far, but any comments, insight or predictions should start now.

Personally, I really liked that blonde girl from Oregon with the country voice. Don’t remember her name, but it was Something Lee Something. She’s my early pick to end up on the top 10 tour.

Anyways, anyone else watching? Comments?


I like the hot chicks


There have been one or two potential contestants to watch out of the first two episodes. The Oregon girl and another somewhat similar to her both strike me as being technically proficient and worthy of support. The process of the Hollywood eliminations might be too much for some of them, as it has been in years past. Still, relatively untarnished kids like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson have emerged.

Every year they have a couple of really stellar talents that they choose not to feature during the audition shows, and sometimes downplay during the eliminations. We have no way of knowing at this point whether there are other top contenders already in the Hollywood pool.

Side note – slbrown83 … we didn’t see you at the Texas auditions, did we? Just curious. In one cut-shot that they repeated three times, there was a young woman who looked a lot like one of the pics from your myspace. (And they featured a contestant with the same last name last week, so maybe in the entourage?) It’d be neat to have a Woot connection to the show.





This show is sooo stupid!

However, C.U. is hot.

That is all.


He’s the new William Hung.

(and he’s well aware of it too.)


Is he related to Well Hung?


I agree. Best song ever in life. I have been singing that one around the office almost nonstop.

That guy, as lame as he was, is pretty brilliant. Usually, obvious attempts to get on TV like that get a few laughs and then go unnoticed. That guy totally out smarted us all though. His original song, as lame as it was, is so simple and easy to remember. He IS my new best friend forever. Love that dude.


well Simon said it could be a best seller!


Here y’all go… YOU ARE MY BROTHER…


Oman, this made my night. That was hilarious the first time around.


You have a lot of people who love you, and I am one of them!


There was that big dude that sang really low “let me peeeeple… gooooooo”… he was funny too.


Why would anyone in the world ever sing that song for this audition? More importantly, why would the producers or whoever let that air on TV?

I can’t wait til they get through these dumb auditions and get to the real show.


There were some interesting contestants in last night’s show.

And then, there was this guy.

O. M. G.


I hate hippies. This guys a hippie right? I despise him.


Call me an old (okay, middle aged) fart… I love the bad people. When they get to the serious people who can actually carry a tune and don’t dress in goofy costumes, I go elsewhere.

Love those Freaks and Geeks!


San Diego eh? I bet they had a lot of interesting contestants from San Diego!


Miami had some amazing talent. That boy with long hair and the beanie, he’s my other pick to make top 5. So now, my faves thus far are the boy from Miami with the long hair and beanie (i think they said he was in a boy band before) and the blonde girl from Oregon.

I"M SO glad Idol is back. What writers strike!?!


I’m just gonna say it. That Josiah kid is horrible, and annoying. Why do Paula and Randy “like” him? Insanity.