American Idol Singer's Advantage Vocal Training Program

But can it give you that X factor?

Some lady on this season of Idol said she was “perfect” at the American Idol video game, but was still actually terrible in practice - while I realize this is not “the video game”, I do have my doubts about its efficacy.

Also, will it teach me to sing Pants on the Ground?

here’s the product website that doesn’t seem to be loading right now.

female version at amazon

male version at amazon Woot Info Post rocks me like a hurricane

American Idol Singer’s Advantage Vocal Training Program [New] - $7.99 + $5 shipping

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So, will this teach me to do cookie monster type vocals?–Zombie+Apocalypse

$100 on Amazon. Also there are some reviews there. Also just a reminder, with 100 plus Woots I am better than everyone else.

The training method creator’s website

In for one, female.

OK, I don’t know where I’m going to find the time to work with this but if it helps stop my dog from howling and my kids clasping their hands to their ears when I “sing” it may turn out to be the bargain of the decade.

LOLOL - this is the training program that Simon harassed his co-horts in crime about as some of the “wanna-bee"s” claimed to have used the system in order to be “good enough” to make the bloopers reel.

in for 3! :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that was “Ultimate Voice Coach - Learn To Sing Like A Star”.

This might actually be better if we base it off of crazy Amazon ratings.

I dont get what this product is. What does american idol have to do with singing?

I think I’ll leave filking to the professionals.

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If you have never taken lessons, and ESPECIALLY if you have no idea of how to warm-up, protect your voice from harm (and develop nasty vocal nodules as a result), or limber up at the top and bottom of your range, it might, just might be worth $7.99!

Which would you get for a woman with a deep voice ?

Is this to help teach proper karaoke in a bar when drunk?

I think the “Pants on the Ground” dude and William Hung could have used this before their auditions

My buddy thinks he can sing. Buying one for him.

Would this help train someone who speaks monotonously, to speak (or sing) with more tone range?

why the pop ups?