American Lifetime XL Day Clock

American Lifetime XL Day Clock

It looks like the “Upgraded” model is $38.98, with free shipping on the mother ship.【Upgraded】Digital-Calendar-Alarm-Day-Clock/dp/B07Q79DMGY

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This was a big help to my mother with memory loss. I wish there were more affordable products designed for this difficult time in many seniors lives. Anything that helps is a blessing and this definitely helped.


What about Daylight Savings Time? Manual or automatic change? Mom has one that changes automatically… on the wrong dates. Lots of confusion.

Does it do 24 hour time format?

Nice comparison.

Happy forum anniversary!

My mother’s is completely manual

I got two last time. I love them, and I don’t even have dementia yet. Supposedly. But yes, it does 24 hour mode. It’s entirely manual and doesn’t switch to daylight savings time automatically.


I have the previous version but it has the same features as this one. Very disappointed they still haven’t upgraded the features to offer automatic daylight savings time clock adjustment. “Atomic” clocks sync up to the radio time signal from Colorado and don’t require manual time adjustments like this one does.

What if they can’t remember how to manually change the time twice a year, or how to adjust the time when it drifts and isn’t accurate a month later, or they get up in the morning and think they are on time but the time changed during the night and they are actually an hour late? What about frustration that each clock has a different time?
In other words, it only really reduces frustration if it’s self-setting, either by radio or by Internet. I’ll keep watching for one that does, that like this one has a large display and uses A/C power rather than batteries.

Can anyone please let me know what type of plug this takes? Is it a 2 prong or 3 prong plug? Also how large is the plug?

This is a 2 prong plug with a 2 meter cable compatible with US outlets.

I agree, for these prices, they missed the boat with not including atomic time setting. But this clock does plug in, it just uses the button battery for back-up.

I’d be on it if it automagically set the time.

I’m not sold on atomic settings. I had a clock with this feature a few years back and it was always off by like 5 minutes and you couldn’t adjust it.

I think about these things too for my 94 year old grandpa. His vision is poor but he’s in great health otherwise, mentally and physically. I like that this doesn’t need to be updated through the internet.

He lives in another state with no family close so I’ve looked at getting him a video messaging device but he doesn’t have internet and I’d hate to burden him with something else to figure out how to use.

Does this glow, and if so is it suitable for a dark room at night? The text looks very white in the pictures, is it different at night?

From the QA on Amazon:

…It has a feature where you can choose to have it dim automatically between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am or you can choose to leave it bright…

It’s well lit- the read out is lit against the black background. You can see it anytime of day or night…

The black background is the screen color. The whitish numbers and letters are lights that are plainly and easily readable both in the dark and in daylight

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I agree. This is a wonderful tool. I got one for my mother who has developed dementia.