American Lifetime XL Day Clock

American Lifetime XL Day Clock

Does NOT automatically adjust in the Spring and Fall for daylight savings time. Does NOT receive radio signal from Colorado like “atomic” clocks to keep precise time.


I was ready to buy this but it has to be plugged in. I was looking for a new clock for the bathroom and this would have been perfect.

Bought one of these (refurbished) on amazon for my elderly mom, and she loves it. We’ve had it since April and it works great.


Bought one of these a while back for myself, and love it. JUST bought one for Mom, she saw mine and liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very easy to read from a distance, it’s a sort of cyan color. My roommate thinks somewhere there’s a warehouse full of old low-res tablet screens and someone repurposed them for this. Alarms can be set to display text, like ‘Time to take your meds’, and I believe there’s a ‘hillbilly’ mode, where instead of showing a clock and the date, it says things like ‘Quarter to 3’.

You do have to plug it in, but it runs off a USB wall wart, so you could get a power bank, plug it in and tape it to the back of the clock or something if you wanted to. Worst thing for me is that it doesn’t auto-set.

I don’t have dementia; I just can’t see well without my glasses. So now I have a clock I can see in the middle of the night when I wake up and wonder what time it is. Or just from, like, far away.

I like it.

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Does it have a backlight to make middle-of-the-night time checks easier? I don’t see that feature listed.

Bought three four post 70 brothers
If you go to the site, it says perfect for gifting, arrives in plain wrapping with no mention of dementia or old age…unless of course you print it out and send it to them

The backlight is always on. There is a setting so that it dims at night (11pm-6am, I think).

It arrived in 4-5 days. Lighting is good for an acceptable read in the late night hours. Very helpful to a 95 year old with dementia—in winter time when the days are short she wakes up at 6:00 and doesn’t know if it’s morning or night due to it being dark. This close helps a lot with the “evening” “morning” displayed. No battery backup in case of power outages but that almost never happens where we live. Overall, I’m glad I bought it.

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“Clock” not “close”
Darned auto-correct!