American Pie Chardonnay (6)

American Pie Chardonnay 6-Pack
$39.99 $84.00 52% off List Price
2011 American Pie Chardonnay, California
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This is a project through Michael Mondavi’s company Folio Fine Wine Partners. Typically they import brands (once predominantly from Italy) but do have a few brands from the US (California).

The American Pie website doesn’t say much, so this is probably a brand to move juice but at this price, it’s probably not too bad. This company has huge reach across the country in terms of distribution so I’d be surprised if this didn’t show up on shelves, if it isn’t there already.

Anyone have a rat for this once since it is 2011 and '11 wasn’t an amazing year>

Anyone know how much of an oak bomb this might be? I prefer chardonnays aged in stainless steel.

But then it would be Chablis :o)

I bought the red from the last round. Won’t be drinking a second bottle.

From the description it doesn’t seem Oak-y. about 9 bucks a bottle in the stores, so saving about 15 bucks…

No idea who or what the “Ultimate Wine Challenge” is but the note might give a hint to the style:

2013 Ultimate Wine Challenge
American Pie Chardonnay 2011 California (United States), $15.00

85 Very Good,
Strong Recommendation
Tasting Notes:
Butterscotch explodes on the nose of this golden yellow California Chardonnay. On the palate, it’s silky and plush, delivering apply flavors with overtones of French toast. A voluptuous body with good acidity. June 2013

What didn’t you like about it foggy?

I don’t know, it is cheap enough to gamble on. Less than $7/bottle would at the very least be plenty of dry white wine for cooking if it proves undrinkable.

Seemed like it had gone a bit bad. Only wine I have bought in a long time here that had tasted off. Tasted like heat damage.

I got the red from the woot on 8/28 and it was very good for the money; wish i could get more.

You can find this wine in some Kroger Stores but not at this price and not in every state.

We tasted the wine before offering it to wine.woot and it was tasting great - can’t taste every bottle but we did taste several before proceeding with the offer. Sorry to hear your bottle wasn’t tasting 100%…

I would just email CS and get a refund or replace. No reason to settle for bad wine!

Just verified the policy and you are correct. e-mail: and they will start the process. There is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy every sip!

I actually found it very tasty and a great qpr. mAYBE AN OFF BOTTLE?

Indeed. Pls email our customer service.

I must have looked at this a half dozen times today. Finally pulled the trigger on one. Nobody talking it up, but hey, seems like the worst case is that it works for a couple evenings in the pool with friends in this Texas heat.

Not from texas, but Yes I agree.