American Pie Chardonnay (6)

American Pie Chardonnay 6-Pack
Sold by: Folio Wine Company, LLC
$39.99 $84.00 52% off List Price
2011 American Pie Chardonnay, California

2011??? I doubt that it is the kind of Chard that holds up that long.

I have never tried it but a quick google shows this to be an average chard that sells in the $9 range. This deal lowers the price to $6.66 a bottle, delivered to your door. Seems solid for an everyday pour.

CellarTracker sayeth:

…tick, tick, tick.

Other than a bit of CA and TX, seeing the map this rather looks like an ‘east of the Mississippi’ blend.

It’s bridal and baby shower season, yes? Beach parties at which who cares what vintage you bring…

I’ve had it recently, still in a good place… 'Merica

As is often the case with CT, that opinion is based upon “1 user averaging 2016”. Ironically, wines that aren’t meant for cellaring are often sealed with screw caps like this Chard but the screw caps generally prevent aging so even though the wine was/is meant for short term drinking it is probably pretty much unchanged from how it was when first bottled.


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It isn’t exactly a dry wine by the way