American Pie Chardonnay (6)

American Pie Chardonnay 6-Pack
Sold by: Folio Wine Company, LLC
$39.99 $84.00 52% off List Price
2011 American Pie Chardonnay, California

Found it harsh, not smooth as expected.

This is becoming my house wine. Screw-cap top keeps it good. 6 more please…

I’ve always wondered, does someone at Woot screen these wines for quality before allowing companies to sell through the platform?

Typically yes. And the screener winedavid is generally pretty good. This is either a label change or a failed label. I don’t recall which catagorey this falls in to.

American Pie was listed as distributed by Folio Wine Company, Michael Mondavi, in '13. Not listed in their current brochure.