American Pie Merlot (6)

Bye bye red American Pie. this is the last of it folks.

hell of a value.

I got 2 orders last time. This is some great stuff, really excellent value. Drink it now, you won’t be displeased.

This was a sad disappointment, the kind of merlot that gives merlot the reputation of being overproduced by people trading on what was once a very good varietal. It is now so hit or miss and this is a miss, inexpensive or not. It is good to read this is the last of it so hopefully Woot won’t waste more time selling this wine.

I have a glass or two of wine 5 out of 7 nights. Bought 6 bottles of this wine 3 times before. Bought 12 this time. Great price, nice wine. The afficianados aren’t wild about American Pie. It’s six bucks a bottle and not a threat to a fine wine drinker’s palate.

Not much too it. A little on the sweet side. A little chill helps but still gave mine away.

OK, but not my favorite. Perfect for my 83 year old dad whose palate was shot a while ago, but still likes to have “the good stuff” that I buy from Woot. He’s happy and keeps him out of the Wellington. :wink:

The cheap stuff always sells well here.

Cheap? Yes, but still has quality. In for another case. It is a good distraction to keep certain other family members away from the expensive stuff :). Disappointed to hear that this is the last of the American Pie. The good ole’ boys may be drinking whiskey and rye, but, the wife will be quaffing down one more case!

Dang, I blew the sale deadline, my friends like this stuff. Well, doesn’t seem to have sold out before the deadline, maybe there’s still enough left over to make an appearance in a wootoff one of these days?