Americana 3Pc Throw, Decor and Flag Set

**Item: **Americana 3Pc Throw, Decor and Flag Set
Price: $29.99
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Condition: New

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April fools right?
did you used to work for HGTV?

Bad taste. This woot is disrespectful at any price. This woot needs to go away and not come back!

Made in China, for those of you who like to know this info

I’m not gonna use a flag as a tablecloth :frowning:

The US flag isn’t supposed to be displayed this way guys, Check your flag code of 1942. It specifically prohibits it in fact.

What the hell? An American flag blanket that you put on the ground and walk/sit/eat off of? What’s next, toss in a free lighter to burn it? This has to be made in China, cause no American company would ever make this to disrespect the flag and our nation.


Hey, Woot! These thirteen stripes and fifty stars were designed by George Washington to the specifications of the Almighty Lord at the peak of Sinai. Your lack of Nationalism (the idealism that brought us WWII, the Holocaust, and plenty of other atrocities) is offensive, and I am offended. Boohoohoo.

everyone already beat me about the negative comment on the table cloth flag…
we demand that you withdraw that woot!!!

I don’t care about respecting the flag, but overtly American stuff like this is pretty tacky these days.

All 3 items are proudly made in…China. 'Merica.

Wow, people. Freaking out much. They aren’t actual flags. If you look closely you’ll see that the throw is actually a blanket with a flag print, same with the table cloth. They aren’t actual flags. Geez.

these don’t have 13 stripes or 50 stars, therefore these aren’t flags. just like those car things people fly on their windows.


Beyond what has been said already … yeah.

I would rather see this whole offer removed, but if not, at the very least, Woot’s system better know how to reject any orders going to Minnesota.

No person in the business of offering goods at retail may sell or offer for sale in this state an American flag unless the flag was manufactured in the United States of America.

Each violation (sale) carries a fine of up to $1,000.

That needs to be a federal law. No American Flag should be made outside the USA!!!

/Obligatory “I Miss Sylvia” post

Personally, I cannot purchase or use an American Flag made in China. Too bad because I would have snapped it up had it been a proper American Flag.

Woot, I love you guys, but selling this China made crap is disrespectful and borderline against the law. Show some respect and remove this item immediately.