Excitement, then not. I was hopping to see

Bill Pullman.

It’s ok, you’re number 54,294,629 to make that mistake.

Come on woot! Give us the AA!

I also agree that Dawn’s Early Light should have been included.

The “Declare your Independence” shirt says also available in AA? Is that by default when you buy one because I don’t see the option to choose.

I was wondering the same thing.

Me too. :frowning:

Sorry, I’m pretty sure we won’t be able to put those on AA. I’m emailing to clarify/change the photos.

The “Declare Your Independence” shirt was available on AA when it was the main item on shirt.woot on Friday, June 20th. That day they had a separate dropdown to choose if you wanted AA. I am guessing the image is leftover from that sale.

Any way we could get more of the hoodies printed? I’d be in for one in Medium…

I don’t understand the backdrop of the USA shirt… What is the blue?

I was hoping for a little more freedom in this sale! More choices, plus, I was hoping to choose between a T and a tank. I want my freedom with a side of bacon on a tank!

What the deuce is “AA” ??

AA = American Apparel

Many feel the AA shirts fit, feel and wear better than other manufacturers.

I love this shirt. That’s all.

And others feel that by buying American we’re supporting local businesses and families, as well as reducing the net carbon footprint from our purchase as small as that may be.

Still pulling for Woot to have an All American Made Independence Day sale. I know, I know, but I can keep hoping.

Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua what a slap in the face, america.

Me three…

And I’d be in for American Dream.

Two lost sales, Woot.

Does anyone know what the splatter on the background of “Stripes” is supposed to be?

What happened to all of the deleted posts here? There were 33 earlier today. Now there are 18.
Hope that the Freedom Hoodie becomes available again.