Ametallo Men's Jewelry

I am trying to imagine the human that would wear these. Like, what clothes they would wear, what music they like.
I mean. This sincerely.
Just curious.
In a good way.

I got curious and started looking them up to see what they were named. Most of them are in Italian.

One interesting thing is that the centipede bracelet (which is interesting enough in itself) was named Scarafaggio… which translates to “cockroach”. Not centipede. Weird.

Also, the swordfish-looking fish is named “Storione”… which translates to “sturgeon”.

Finally, the lizard was named “Inkouana”… that had no translation. A google search only had a few hits, all pointing to the bracelet. I assume it’s supposed to be “iguana” but changed to sound cooler and more Italian.

The shark one would fit my surfer buddy to the T. So think point blank style.