Amino Shiny Black w/ Black Tips

I find the description somewhat ambiguous about the lenses. I’m 90% certain this comes with 4 lenses that are easy to interchange but the description has the colors as polarized smoke, copper, orange and clear but the picture shows blue and no where in the specs or what is in the box does it say there are 4 lenses included. I realize it would be a pain to accurately list the colors for each model but if it said they include polarized smoke, clear and 2 colors that would be nice.

Found a review for the Sequence showing the lens colors included with it
but even the Optic Nerve site says the same colors.
Finally found a site that accurately describes the colors: Choose your tint: Copper is a great all-purpose lens, Polarized Smoke with Blue Zaio mirror is ideal for bright light, Orange gives striking clarity to every little feature on the trail, and Clear is the ticket for low-light snowfall.
So the polarized smoke has a blue mirror