Amore Paris 10-pc. Holiday Essential Oil Set

Amore Paris 10-pc. Holiday Essential Oil Set

Nothing says “the holiday spirit” like the aroma of turkey cooking, garlic bread, and mashed potatoes. With family showing up we can’t forget the lovely aroma of baby powder and soiled diapers. And Uncle John with IBS, excusing himself every 5 minutes. And good old grandpa Patrick, the lovely breath of old cigars and whiskey. And we never forget grandma Josephine with her smell of Ben gay and Vicks vapor rub.

The holidays with the family unique aromas can be yours today all bottled up.

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On the 10 sets, what is amount in each?

From the sale page:

Bottle volume (each): 10mL.

If you enlarge the sale picture, it shows that each bottle is .33 fl oz.

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