Amore Paris 16-pc. Essential Oil Set

Amore Paris 16-pc. Essential Oil Set

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Do these really work?

I have not tried this brand myself.
You can see the so so reviews here.


This can NOT be real essential oil as they included rose. Real rose is ridiculously expensive because roses only give a few drops from dozens of roses. Tiny vials are hundreds of dollars. (it’s typically referred to as rose attar). Citrus oils are cheap, because you can nearly see the oil in the rind of lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, so those are abundant. Most of the ones people are buying are actually perfume oils. Look for Tisserand. That was originally owned by the man who’s essentially (no pun intended) one of the fathers of the modern aromatherapy movement back in the 60s.


Just to second what’s been said. A typical vial this size would approach $10 MINIMUM if 100% essential oil. Look for Aura Cacia or Now brands for cheapest actual essential oils.

That said, if you just want to perfume your house, these may well be fine.