Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Router + Range Extender

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Amped Wireless Wi-Fi Router + Range Extender
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Not impressed with Amped Wireless. The wall plug units aren’t made as well. The antenna crack almost the second they are out of the box, so don’t expect to be adjusting them at all, EVER. And the range boost is pretty minimal.

That’s an issue with range extenders…your device (such as phone or tablet) may be able to see (receive) the network however your device may be too “weak” to send signal back to the extender

Is it a coincidence that it looks so much like netgears wireless ac1750 router?

Does the range extender keep the same network name as the Amped main router,or does it have a different network name.

My problem is that i live in a rural home and depend on wireless for my phone but when I walk around the house, the phone keeps switching networks and shuts down.

Not heard many good things about this brand. Cheap yes but I rather point out a referb’d ASUS RT-AC66R. Cheaper and way better. I’m waiting for the AC5300 Rouge router to hit the streets to upgrade and retired the 4+ year old 66R and shelve it as a backup. When it comes to WiFi routers, I’m a ASUS fanboy so some bias there. I have had DLink, USRobotics, Belkin, Netgear and Cisco. I just prefer ASUS gear. I do have some TPLink wall-lan adapters I use for far away lan connections, such as security camera box, Wii game box, a sony BD player, stuff like that and a 24port TPlink switch in home “network rack” but for non-standard applications, I don’t mind using the “lower end” products.

Hello, my name is Freddie and I am with Amped Wireless. We have reviewed your question and the answer is that this device needs a different SSID number (Different network name). You may have the same password, but the SSID needs to be different. We do however have product called the ALLY PLUS. This is a whole home wifi system that will allow you to keep the same network name.