Amphitrite’s Delight

You know, when I saw the little preview on, I thought it said “Amphetamine’s Delight”. Strangely, the sea life in her hair seemed just as appropriate.

Let them eat lake? Very nicely detailed, excellent blue.

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Looks alot like a reference to “The Woman Who Outshone The Sun”.

Those eyes… It looks like “Amphitrite’s Delight” wants some “Afternoon Delight” if ya know what I mean… eh? eh?

I accept the fact that there are sea creatures living in this woman’s hair…but why the bird? It’s not even a sea bird…it’s just a regular old bird. Why?

Wow! This is stunningly amazing!

The bird? I was more thrown off by the dragonfly…I mean don’t they hang out by freshwater??

I wish it wasn’t on the cream tee.

Excellent Illustration!

My only critique would be the yellow color. Something more orange would have stood out more.

But well done, well done.

Amphitrite would make the perfect poster child for the, “wash, rinse and repeat” movement. Of course, she probably needs to repeat, repeat, repeat…

this will be my first woot shirt, i love it! what a hottie. i think the colors will look nice on cream. but yeah dont see this on a dude. thats ok my hubby has enough woot shirts! haha my turn

Looks like the mermaid’s ready to cook up some cioppino for dinner…

…while talking about the birds and the bees (and the dragonflies)? Huh?

Did anyone else think, even for just a second, that was Marge Simpson?

Nicely formed pun.

When I grow up I want a living aquarium in my hair.

Anyone else waiting for this moistened bint to lob a scimitar?

This is the lovely Marge Simpson rising from an ocean swim,

I’m weird…and bothered by the mix of freshwater and saltwater. And a bird? Otherwise…this is gorgeous.

Gorgeous! Hate cream shirts though. I am a Pisces and love water. The bee is the cherry on the top of this gorgeous, yet baffling, sea sundae. That does it…I am in for one!