Amrapur 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket

Amrapur 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket

Country of origin, anyone?

Also, since we currently don’t have access to the old sales discussions, I can’t search to see if these were sold before. I’d love to know if these are soft, or cardboardy. I’ve had thermal cotton blankets over the years that fit both descriptions.

Editing to add that I found a few reviews on Overstock. I believe this to be the same item as we have here, the description is identical, as far as I can tell. The c of o is China. One person says it’s soft and nice, the other says it’s not 100% cotton and looks cheap.

One more edit: this is under Tools & Garden???

Yes, China.

As to location. The Winter sale was originally scheduled to run on this site but then it got scattered at the last minute because we suck.

Suckage never sleeps.