Amuse Your Cat

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Actually, my wife’s cat would probably prefer a mouse from the pet store, for amusement.

My son’s cat would just dump those in the toilet.

Trust me on this one; Get a piece of string maybe 6 - 8 foot long. Use something with a little weight. Now if you have an old two piece or toy fishing rod take the top half of that and run the string through the eyelets and tie/tape/secure it at the bottom.
You can even tie something light on the end but it isn’t necessary. I’ve owned several cats in my life and everyone was a huge fan of the home made toy. Its how i teach them to jump 3-4 ft vertically lol. true story.

Having sworn we’d never buy any cat toys ever again (thread, ribbon and twisty ties being our cat’s favourite things, over any ‘real’ toys) we relented and bought the flat cat-It circuit from Amazon a couple of weeks ago… omigosh - our ‘too cool for school’ cat loves it and it keeps him busy for ages. When he’d previously wake us up in the night now we hear him playing with this instead. Definitely a win in my book!

Seriously considering adding the ‘rollercoaster’ track to our setup.

All the pieces clip together securely with tabs so kitty can’t destroy it. The base has two ridges that the ball rolls on, providing a surprisingly effective low-friction surface & upper translucent pieces are a softer plastic that allows a little flexibility in case you tread on it :-p

Edit: I’d also recommend the ‘super’ roller circuit over this set - 8 pieces instead of 4, $21 at the mothership with Prime shipping.

I have a cat and a dog. WHAT would happen if my DOG drinks out of the thing? Will she become more like my cat? Because that’s something I really don’t want. One cat is more than enough.

Paul thanks for the info. I think I like the bigger one on the Big A also.

we have the coaster toy and its always being used here. I actually bought two and made a giant track and change the configuration often and they love it

Design Alfresco Outdoor Drinking Fountain

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ValuePetSupplies has it for $64.88 with free shipping with code FST19. Free shipping may be for a limited time though.

Is it bad that I’m considering buying another one of the play circuits to add to the 3 I already own? It provides too many hours of amusement for the kitties for me not to consider carpeting the living room in these.

You are confused. DOGS chew up your toys and books. Cats sleep and throw up hairballs.

I second the idea of using a fishing rod for cats. We took a real fishing rod that had its handle snap off, tied about 5ft of yarn at the end eyelet, and tied a cat toy made of shiny streamers at the end. Our cats go nuts for it, and the long reach of the rod allows for great cat 'n mouse chases around the room!

Why the heck is there a dog toy in the middle of the Amuse your CAT sale!? :stuck_out_tongue:

The mind games toy is very similar (looks like the same product just in different colors) to the Teach 'N Treat I got my bunnies. They picked it up right away although we’re still on level one we use it every day. This is a video of their first time using it:

I’d say it’s definitely not just a dog toy but could be used for just about any food motivated animal.

My cats love the cat it fountain. They let us know when it’s running low too.

I have the play circuit for my two cats. They’ll be mildly interested if I get the ball going but lose interest almost immediately. The only thing I’ve found that makes it interesting to them is putting kibbles in the track for them to try to fish out.