An Assortment of Cheeses

Barely Buzzed is on of my all-time favorite cheeses!!

these cheeses will come direct from the manufacturer (ie. Vella Cheese Co.) as opposed to coming from iGourmet, right? Had too many bad experiences with items from iGourmet.

I love Beehive Cheese but I’m soooooo broke! I guess it’s w(h)ine without cheese for me this time.

just like the wine. straight from the source thank you very much!

Bought Barely Buzzed and Sea Hive last year when it was offered, and they are terrific! Barely Buzzed might even be my most favorite cheese of all time. It’s that good!

I’m on a trip that took me to Utah, and I stopped by the Beehive home just a few hours ago. Bought a lot of their selections, including some I have never see here. Plus new curds; like that squeaky feeling when eaten. Yum!

I’d love to see some Uintah Jack cheese show up some time. That stuff was mighty good.

thanks for the verification!

Anyone know if these cheeses are pasteurized? Specifically Barely Buzzed. Thx

It was very good but IIRC they said they were discontinuing that one.

Hi Kinmar! Yes, all of our cheeses are pasteurized. Cheers! ^Katie

It was available in the store…

What’s the expected ship date for the Vella cheese? Need to know to because of dates I might not be home to receive it.

checking. Remind me where this will be shipped to?

Love the Vella cheese, but the last time I ordered it it came in a plain box, no freezer pack, no styro and was oozy and meaty and not at all nice looking. Had to scrap the idea to serve it at a party. Interestingly I also got some beehive around the same time and it was in styro and included an ice pack.

Would like to get the Vella, but it will be in the 90s here (FL). Can you find out if it will ship differently this time?

yes, the vella cheese co seems to be really poor at cool packing their cheeses. past experience has shown that the marin, laura chenel and beehive cheeses have all been packed well and seem to show that they appreciate your purchase. i’ve never purchased the bellwether farms cheeses so i’m not sure how those are packed/shipped.

i would imagine that this may be the last offering of the season for any of these cheeses - do i want to be cheeseless until winter? to cheese or not to cheese, that is the question.

Southern CA.

Try living here! I can’t drive past the place when I know they’re open. Do I need two lbs of curds?
Yes. Yes, I do.

Ooo more Barely Buzzed and Seahive, just in time for wine tasting/picnic season. I’m in for one!