An Awkward Meeting

Nice! Congrats Boots!

Han shot first.

I would imaging the question everyone wants to know is:

“Did Han shoot first?”

Han WILL shoot first.

Love this… well, other than the severe lack of Corey Feldman. Grats on first Boots!

Han Jones? Indiana Solo? AWKward!

Figured this might grab the top spot. Wry, roguish charm X 2 + Lego hewn cutes = Congrats to Boots.

Everything is Awesome! about this shirt.

To end the great debate about who shot first.

Han Shot. Period end of sentence. Greedo never got a chance to shoot, he was DEAD!

PS: Indiana shot, too. Never bring a sword to a gunfight. Unless it’s a lightsaber and you can deflect shots.

Now if Han had a lightsaber, he’d be in trouble!

Han will shoot first, if Indy doesn’t whip him.

Congrats bootsboots! I knew this one was gonna win.

Go Boots!

I love this, I voted for it and I will buy one*.

*tomorrow :wink:

Great print. Funny! The only issue (for me) is the words. I think the images, expression and the situation say it well enough on its own. This is another good example of the words detracting from the overall greatness of the shirt.

IMO. Congrats on the pick!

Yay, Boots! So happy to see this take first. :slight_smile:

Yeap, definitely a winner. Awesome design. Congrats Jamie!!!

Wow! Total shocker. I didn’t really expect to do well with a pop culture theme and with all the really really top notch designs that people did. I’ll have to thank Harrison Ford for being so irresistibly rugged.

Thanks everyone for helping this get printed! And for buying it. Today. :slight_smile:

Awkward? I think you mean AWESOME! cue music

Han clearly shot first by a longshot, since it happened a long, long time ago.